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We create and promote a solid alliance with a select group of farmers, located in the main planting áreas. Our focus is the long term overview, promoting their growth and ensuring customers a safe supply, in quantity and quality.

We are convinced that an active participation of all the links that make up the value chain will improve competitivenes in the difficult and changing global market.

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We are also vertically integrated, part of the export volumen is achieved through the investment and management of our own farming.

Every season an active assistance work is carried out in all stages of cultivation: selection of seeds, nutrition, control of weeds, pests and diseases, harvest, and others.


Selected Group of farmers all across the main planting areas.

Good Agricultural practices (GAP)

Important for a safe production, eco friendly.

Own production

Planting in the best fields of the corn belt, using newest available technology.

Traceability or IP

Documented procedures of each stage, from seed to final product.

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