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Pop Argentina is the only Argentine company involved in producing, conditioning, processing and export of popcorn as its only product.

The company was established in 1994 and has been the pioneer in development of production and exports leading the market for about three decades.

In 2005 the company was acquired by a national group of investors.

Since then, the company focused on the excellence of its products and obtaining a distinctive quality.

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  • We have specially designed equipment and state of the art technology for storage, conditioning and processing of popcorn.
  • Our packing and palletizing systems are automatic.
  • We have quality and traceability systems, certified by International recognized companies.
  • Experience and constant training keep the motivation of our staff and produce motivation and continuous improvement in our teams.
  • Our brands are worldwide recognized as top quality product.
  • Our commercial policy is in line with our customers’ needs thinking of long term relationships.
  • We have a group of farmers who are in constant technologic evolution. Along with our program of own production and the outstanding agricultural conditions of Argentina, guarantee supply and consistent quality all along the year.
  • Our logistics and customer service team is highly experienced. Each shipment is strictly planned to avoid demurrages, unnecessary costs or issues with documents. A wide knowledge of the applicable laws is the key to give our customers quick and accurate replies.
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